Strawberry Thai Chili Syrup Recipes

Strawberry Thai Chili Margarita

Remix traditional margaritas with just a touch of this bold syrup. It’s the perfect combination of sweet & spicy, making it the perfect companion for your cocktail. 

  Step 1:
 Start with 1.5 oz tequila blanco of your choice. 

  Step 2: Add in 0.5 oz fresh lemon juice and 0.5 oz fresh lime juice. 

  Step 3: Add in 0.75 oz Strawberry Thai Chili Syrup. 

  Step 4: Add 0.5 oz of orange liqueur of choice. (Tip: You can also sub orange juice if that's what you have on hand!) 

  Step 5: Add ice, shake well.

  Step 6: Strain & pour into serving glass. 

  Step 7 (optional): Garnish with sugar or salt as desired.