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Lime Super Juice Concentrate

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Our Lime Superjuice Concentrate is the ultimate secret weapon for adding a burst of citrus freshness to your culinary creations and beverages. Crafted from premium quality limes to preserve their vibrant flavor, this superjuice concentrate is a must-have ingredient for any kitchen or bar.

Each jar yields 73 oz. of superjuice. Both batched product and bottled product have a shelf life of 6 weeks without refrigeration - 8 weeks with refrigeration. 

Benefits of Using SuperJuice: 

  1. Extended Shelf Life: Superjuice concentrate has a longer shelf life compared to fresh juice, allowing you to store it for an extended period without worrying about spoilage. This means you can always have the flavor of fresh juice on hand whenever you need it, without the risk of waste.

  2. Convenience: Superjuice concentrate is incredibly convenient to use and even easier to store - no more having to shove plastic jugs into your precious fridge space! 

  3. Consistency: Superjuice concentrate offers consistent flavor and quality with every use. Unlike fresh juice, which can degrade in taste quickly over a short time, superjuice concentrate maintains a consistent flavor profile, ensuring predictable results in your recipes.

  4. Versatility: Superjuice concentrate is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of recipes, from beverages to marinades, sauces, dressings, and desserts. Its concentrated form allows you to easily incorporate it into various dishes without diluting their flavors.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness: While fresh juice can be expensive, especially when certain fruits are out of season, superjuice concentrate offers a cost-effective alternative. Since it's concentrated, you can get more servings out of a single bottle of superjuice concentrate compared to fresh juice, making it a budget-friendly option for home cooks and businesses alike.